I know that looking and feeling your most beautiful is absolute essentials for capturing those timeless photographs of any special event. And there aren’t too many in life that are more special than a wedding!
My expert bridal team and I would be honored to take part in your special day by coordinating all of your bridal party needs and ensuring a stress-free and relaxing day. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or to schedule any services.




*All hair services are performed on clean, dry hair (without any flat-ironing).

*Prices are subject to change due to time and extra product needed.

*Minimums may be applied during certain dates

*For travel beyond Marco Island fees may be applied.

  • Complete and submit the contract (with deposit) at your earliest convenience.
  • Email a photo of you in your dress (front and back with hair completely down).
  • Email photos of all bridal party and family members in their own dresses (front and back with hair completely down). Note: if all bridesmaids’ dresses are the same, one photo will suffice.
  • Search out and email photos of hairstyles that inspire you, and encourage bridal party and family members to do the same.
  • Schedule a trial run as close to the wedding date as possible, with your veil and all hair ornaments onhand.
  • Get one final color and cut 7-10 days before the wedding day.
  • Remind all bridal party and family members to arrive with their hair clean and blowdried, roots shampooed twice, and ends lightly conditioned (no flatiron).
  • Make an itinerary line-up using the provided “Line-Up Creator.”
  • Be sure to arrange whether payments will be taken care of by the bride (often easiest) or by each individual. Payment must be received before I leave.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I secure my wedding date?

  • In order to secure your day/time, you will need to submit the signed contract along with a 50% non-refundable deposit in the form of cash, a major credit card, or Venmo.

Do I need exact numbers for the bridal party and family?

  • Yes, in order to reserve your time, I will need to know the exact number of those bridal party and family members who intend to get their hair done. However, if you need to add to that initial number, I am happy to accommodate as time permits but without any guarantees.

How do I pick out a good style for my hair?

  • Start by considering what the dress looks like: its cut, its front, its back, etc. After all, classic or elegant dresses demand a matching style. Then decide whether you’d like to wear your hair up or down. Important factors include: length, texture, thickness, and weather (both wind and humidity, but more so wind).

I really love the fullness and length of this style. Is this achievable?

  • This is a very frequent question, but it’s important to realize that a majority of the models in pictures are wearing wigs or extensions. Plus, some of the hair isn’t even human – it’s synthetic! In order to achieve the desired fullness and length, we can use a combination of clip-in extensions (I recommend “Euronext” at Sally Beauty Supply) and padding.

How can I make my hairstyle stand out more?

  • In order for a hairstyle to stand out more, you need to add dimension to the hair, especially closer to the roots.

What hair accessories am I able to wear?

  • We could add flowers, hair garland, tiaras, combs, and essentially anything that does not sit heavy in the hair.

How do I describe the style I’m looking for?

  • It’s best to begin compiling inspirational pictures and emailing these over to me as soon as possible. Nothing beats an actual trial run, however.

Should I get a trial run? And, if so, when?

  • Yes, you should! This is the best way to get an idea of how the hair will actually look and will make you feel more confident and comfortable before the big day. Keep in mind: the trial run should be as close to the wedding date as possible.

Do I have to get a trial run if I don’t have the time?

  • No, this is not something that I require, and I will do my best to achieve your look the day of. Again, emailing me lots of pictures and giving me a detailed description of your hair will help tremendously to achieve your desired goal.

Can I cut or color my hair right before the wedding?

  • You should not cut and/or color your hair any fewer than 7-10 days before the wedding, as doing so would make your ends too blunt to properly work with.

How should everyone arrive on the day of the wedding?

  • Everyone needs to have clean, dry hair that has been shampooed twice and lightly conditioned on the ends. You should blow-dry but not flatiron.

Can everyone pay for themselves the day of, and what forms of payment are accepted?

  • Yes, everyone can pay individually, but it is often easiest to reimburse the bride after the big day. I accept cash, all major credit cards, and Venmo.

Will you be able to do touch-ups?

  • Yes, I would be more than happy to stick around for any and all needed touch-ups throughout the course of the evening. For convenience’s sake, I charge an hourly touchup fee of $50.00/hr (rather than charging for each application individually).


Wizard with a Curling Iron

I am so incredibly happy to have put my trust in Mary for my wedding day makeup. Mary and Sara (with Unbreakable Beauty) are a dynamic duo and were my fairy godmothers on my wedding day. She was very prompt and responsive from the first moment I reached out to her. I reached out to her a little late in the game and had two totally different ideas for my hair. When i had my trial with Mary, she gave me her honest opinion and worked with me to make the a perfect hairstyle. She was very flexible with my large bridal party and was able to listen to each individual and deliver their desired look. She was able to accommodate my entire bridal party and accentuate our features without rushing. We all felt so comfortable with her and getting ready for the wedding would have been so different without her. I cannot thank her enough for making us all feel so beautiful, especially my mother. To this day, my mother says her hair has never looked so beautiful.

– Sabrina G

Couldn’t have asked for anyone better!

Mary did my hair for my wedding, she was absolutely amazing, very responsive and willing to work with me and my funky hair piece that I just couldn’t live without! Her professionalism and personality are something that cannot be talk. She really has a gift. Would recommend to anyone!

– Krista